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Bouncing back on Brand Britain

Summer is behind us and a new Prime Minister with international trade experience is bringing a fresh perspective to the UK’s business landscape. Forecasts are good and we are looking to the next quarter with high hopes for the manufacturing sector.

Despite an unavoidable drop in output during the pandemic, British manufacturing has remained strong throughout, maintaining the quality, durability, and innovation that Brand Britain is internationally respected for. International traders know that a ‘Made in Britain’ label is a guarantee of quality, and that is reflected in the annual output that maintains the UK’s place as the world’s ninth largest manufacturing nation.

As Bailey Montagu’s Interim Solutions Partner Phill Machell writes in his state of the market article, the top countries we export to are the United States, Germany, the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands. Neither the pandemic nor the UK’s departure from the European Union has tarnished the reputation of Brand Britain, and that is a huge platform from which our manufacturing sector can continue to thrive and grow.

Forecasts are already expecting a return to pre-pandemic levels of output by the end of this year, with the automotive industry playing a big role in Britain’s triumphant bounce back to prominence. The sector has been at the forefront of navigating British manufacturing through the pandemic, with parts shortages and major supply chain issues giving British carmakers plenty of problems to solve.

They are succeeding thanks to a focus on improving the customer experience while innovating digital solutions to streamline production and sale processes. The automotive industry has demonstrated a forward-thinking and can-do attitude in the face of unprecedented difficulties.

This is the attitude that makes Brand Britain what it is, and the reason why the UK is ready to bounce back better than ever.

Phill Machell

Phill Machell, former Executive Director at Michael Page Interim, has been appointed as Partner at Bailey Montagu, one of the UK’s most innovative and respected executive search and interim management firms.