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Global Energy & Utilities Lead




Global Energy & Utilities Lead


Energy and sustainability
Stefan Hart

Our client – a private equity backed global innovation and transformation consultancy – sees Energy & Utilities as a key market that is central to their growth strategy. Ultimately, the industry will experience huge disruption in the next decade and beyond, with the scale and global significance of the carbon net-zero agenda and clean energy technology initiatives representing a significant opportunity for our clients’ unique capabilities.

Linked to their imminent second investment round with private equity, our client was looking for fresh and authentic leadership to champion their tone of voice and future growth in the Energy & Utilities market. The individual must intuitively understand how to shape and lead their existing global consulting practice, leveraging their unique innovation toolkit to capture significant market opportunity. They must be a recognised industry authority on clean energy and sustainability and be able to position the business as a trusted partner than can support future industry strategy and lead end-to-end transformation journeys on behalf of their clients.

We leveraged our knowledge and access to the entire value chain from financial advisory and strategy consultants, to engineering and programme management consultancies, to bring our client a breadth of data points, insights and ultimately candidate access. Our shared view was that the successful candidate was likely to sit outside of their more traditional competitors and be a highly dynamic market influencer, and accordingly we attracted a shortlist of candidates from a diverse set of backgrounds.

Working closely with the client and preferred candidate throughout the interview, offer and resignation processes, we stayed close to ensure a transition that was as friction-free as possible when considering the candidates onerous restrictive covenants and notice period, securing an expedited start date with minimal commercial off-limits.