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Phill Machell
Partner - Global Manufacturing

Our client is a prominent player in the building materials industry, and had invested a significant amount in new capital equipment to make their main production process more efficient, with expected reductions in energy used and labour time expended.

The focus for the Interim Plant Manager was to look at how the new technology had been introduced and sort the engineering problems, as well as any people and cultural issues involved. The client was keen to find someone with excellent process engineering and manufacturing skills, experienced in leading turnarounds, with a robust nature – no “shrinking violet” would succeed in their opinion.

Our Interim Manager quickly assessed the issues, spending some time getting the workforce on-side. There were other elements which hadn’t been considered, regarding older supporting equipment and systems, which also had to be fixed.

Productivity began to grow, as did the confidence of the staff. Reporting had been improved and “visualisation” introduced. Our Interim had achieved the objectives set.