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Interim Supply Chain Director


Phill Machell
Partner - Global Manufacturing

Having worked closely with the main board of Directors for a number of years, we were delighted to be involved with a the selection of candidates to perform an operational  route and branch supply chain review.

Now operating in 15 countries globally, it was apparent that the supply chain capability of the business was no longer strong enough to maintain its manufacturing and track day business model.

Bailey Montagu quickly sourced a shortlist of three internationally experienced Interim Supply Chain Directors with specific skillsets around JIT procurement process, cross border improvement of inbound and out bound logistics and international trading.

Once engaged, our interim rapidly and effectively introduced market leading procurement process’ that enabled the business to double the physical production output of their manufacturing capabilities, improved the supply of available parts to all the clients global track day venues and dealership networks and more importantly, help the brand secure number one spot in its global motorsport classification.

The interim is still engaged as a board advisor after the initial 12 month assignment and the client is reporting 2022 production targets of four times those seen in 2020