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Interim Chief Financial Officer/Finance Director

Other specialist skills provided by Interim CFOs include:

  • Annual statutory account management
  • Due diligence
  • Strategic advice for the board and shareholders
  • Private equity and venture capital house reporting packs
  • Exit planning and change management
  • System migrations

We will match your company with the ideal Interim CFO to serve the exact purpose you require, whether you need broad strokes or a very particular skill. Our reputation is based on finding the right person at the first time of asking, with our offices around the world providing access to the very best talent on behalf of our clients.

Our LTD Company day rates (outside IR35) for an Interim CFO/FD role range from £800.00 for the low rate, through £1,000.00 for the medium rate, and up to £1,500.00 for the highest day rate. The appropriate rate is determined by company size, product grouping and global location.

Whether you are restructuring your internal finances, scaling the company or covering for an absence, we will work with you to identify the ideal fit for the Interim CFO role your business needs.

Interim CFO/FD role Day Rate