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Interim Human Resource Director/Head of Human Resources

The transformative nature of the role means that most of the very best HRD experts tend to operate in temporary or Interim roles to install and implement the necessary framework, transfer the required skills and leave a legacy of success.

Different organisations do have different requirements though, so it is important to identify the right HR expert for the task at hand.

As well as developing the legacy HR framework, the lead role in HR can cover several significant internal and external functions, including:

  • Evaluating current employees
  • Recruiting new employees
  • Managing and training human resources
  • Developing skills and work performance
  • Evaluating employee salaries
  • Procuring external counselling for employees

Whatever your business needs, we will match your company with the ideal Interim HR expert to serve the exact purposes you require, whether you need a complete overhaul or just a few tweaks to the existent framework. Our reputation is based on finding the right person at the first time of asking, with our offices around the world providing access to the very best talent on behalf of our clients.

Our LTD Company day rates (outside IR35) for a senior Interim HR role range from £500.00 for the low rate, through £750.00 for the medium rate, and up to £1,000.00 for the highest day rate. The appropriate rate is determined by company size, product grouping and global location.

Interim Human Resource Director/Head of Human Resources role Day rate