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Procurement Director

The right Interim Procurement Director can even develop a long-term purchasing strategy for the organisation

This could include sourcing new vendors and improving relationships with existing suppliers. They can also create and cultivate partnerships with suppliers who may be able to offer additional value to the organisation beyond their usual product.

As well as these general duties, a Procurement Director may have a number of other responsibilities, including:

  • Budget preparation
  • Supplier reviews and bid assessments
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Implementing an inventory management system
  • Reviewing and auditing supplier invoices

With so many critical responsibilities, it is vital that your organisation finds the right candidate for the role. We will match your company with the ideal Interim Procurement Director according to your business needs. Our reputation is based on finding the right person at the first time of asking, with our offices around the world providing access to the very best talent on behalf of our clients.

Our LTD Company day rates (outside IR35) for an Interim Procurement Director range from £600.00 for the low rate, through £800.00 for the medium rate, and up to £1,200.00 for the highest day rate. The appropriate rate is determined by company size, product grouping and global location.

Procurement Director role Day Rate